20 weeks scan, classes, courses and more……?

Pregnancy is fun! Pardon me for mentioning pregnancy is fun, I didn’t mean it quite like that. It’s fun the same way an outdoor bootcamp session is fun on blistering winter morning. There are moments you love, and moments you hate but hopefully at the end your going to have this amazing outcome, a feeling of intense amazement that yes, you, did it…….Right….Now, back to the story.

The 20 week scan was again at Airdrie scan unit. Andrew and I again on tenterhooks, this was it, if everything was ok, this was our last medical based scan. This is the scan where they check everything over, heart, feet, lips, all major organs and limbs. They measure and calculate growth and they sometimes tell you the gender if you’re lucky.

Our 20 week scan was brief, I’m definitely not complaining as the woman was thorough, that much was obvious. We got to see hands, and fingers and toes and knees. Andrew asked if she could confirm that he was a boy, “that’s not part of the scan” she said, before getting straight back to work. She mentioned a small indicator later that yes he was a boy. Of course we already knew this but having a confirmation was nice. After our scan we did the usual routine, sitting in my car, phoning everyone through the Bluetooth and hearing their reaction to the scan image we had just send them. They were fun times, those little sections of life after the scans. I won’t forget them quickly. I love hearing or watching people’s reactions to a range of things.

Now because it was the new year, and because I was 20 weeks pregnant. I thought I should get down to some birth type, baby type classes. At this point the NHS lanarkshire don’t offer you much by the way of classes, but there is no harm in looking for some yourself. Lucky for me, my friend Ruth was also pregnant, about 16 weeks so, I was going to be dragging her butt along to everything I could find.

I came across a few classes advertised online, on netmums, and google. I sent a few emails and a few text messages because I had the cold and didn’t want to sound like an old pervy man on the phone. So that was me, booked into none other than 4 different types of class.

I had booked into a Pilates class in Airdrie with Ruth, taught by a woman that Ruth had been going to for years, I’d met her once in John Lewis when Ruth and I were shopping. I had a woman coming to the house to do a type of yoga called Dru Yoga, this was a 1-2-1, she was cheaply priced so I wasn’t adverse to trying it however I did recommend she do the first session free, she was having none of it. I also had the famous Tuesday nights Aquanatal class in the Tryst sports centre. And finally I was booked into (Ruth in tow) a course of Lazy Daisy Active Birthing which was an hour and a half long in the Westerwood hotel, Cumbernauld , my first class the very night of my 20 weeks scan. I was venturing into a whole new world and I couldn’t wait to get my hands dirty.


All comments and feedback are appreciated

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