Lazy Daisy Active Birthing Classes

I was quite frightened and excited all at the same time to go to my first lazy daisy class on the Thursday night, after my 20 week scan. I was glad Ruth was going though, it gave me the tiny thread of support that I needed. However, I far from needed any support, I couldn’t believe how easy this class was to just slot right into.

The Westerwood hotel in Cumbernauld is lovely, it sits up on a large hill, open to the elements. This is Scotland so those elements tend to be on the wild side, precipitation – high, temperature -low, windspeed – fast, wind direction – every blooming direction you can think of, up the way too which is interesting when it drags the rain with it, upward rain, only in Scotland. So I huddled round to the boot of my car to retrieve my yoga mat as I was assaulted by the severe weather. I then tackled my way across the car park, worrying that if my yoga mat caught the wind I’d be careered off like Dorothy to Oz. I finally reached the haven that is the porch area of the health club, and I breenged inside.

Sitting on a wee couch were some ladies with mats and pillows, I assumed they were the preggos, ready for the class. They looked like rabbits caught in the headlights, I looked very much like worzel gummage after my brief encounter with Scottish weather, och well. Everyone one was nice and we made small talk before the teacher, Julie, ushered us into the hall. Everyone chose their spot that would be theirs for the next 6 weeks, this unusual human fashion of claiming where you sit eludes me but in this case I feel slightly territorial of my mat spot in relation to Julie, just off left of center to the teacher. That’s my spot now. Ruth arrived and took to my right, a girl came an sat on my left, then the rest of the class filled up. The first week is free (always good) so it’s a great way to see if you like it. After about 2 minutes I knew I was coming back.

I had a wee feeling of comradeship with these ladies right away, there were two girls in the class the first week that had had children before, they didn’t make it back the following week but the rest of us that were left were all first timers. It was fun, like a little pregnant gang, mess if you dare. The girl that Sat on my left turned out to be Carrie, a outgoing, fun and terrified mum to be, just my cup of tea. We got on like a house on fire from that very first night after I insisted she come to Pilates on Saturday and she was enthusiastically up for it. Her bump, like mine, wasn’t showing when I met her, she was a week behind me and would use me from then on in to judge how long she had left. On the right of Ruth there was Diane, she was the furthest along out of us all at 29 weeks (41 weeks as I write this), then there was Nicola and Emma who are over the other side. The lazy daisy gang.

The class started with Julie introducing herself and letting us know of her experiences of labour, birthing and teaching the classes. She then put the spotlight on us and let us tell everyone, A. Our Name, B.How far along we were, C. How has our pregnancy been so far. This part was fun, everyone got a chance to tell their wee story. In the later classes this would be our opportunity to vent and get all the stresses of the week off our chest.

The class then covered the basics of labour, why active birthing is effective and some breathing and relaxation. In between each section, Julie would teach us a bit more about labour but in a way that didn’t feel like you were being taught. The class is very informal, it was so relaxing and Julie was just fab as a teacher. She has a way about her that you rarely find in people who deal with the public. She is genuinely interested in you as a person and I must commend her networking skills, this woman should run seminars. The classes are good, I love them, they’re informative without being lectures, they’re fun and cheeky, no holds or questions barred which can be carnage with a room full of pregnant women. There was a few moments of cheesiness on the first week that I thought ‘red neck’ but I now embrace them with gusto, that’s it, embrace the cheese, you have to, you’re going to be a Mum. Oh and the relaxation part at the end when you snuggle up on your left side with and pillow and a blanket is great. I’ve found myself let out a snore on a few occasions which woke me up.

You also get a great feeling when you vent to all these other women who are going through the same thing, I’d say that’s my favourite part, to know I’m not alone and that the invasion of the bodysnatchers film I was terrified of as a kid wasn’t happening inside me. Going to these classes have made me feel slightly in more control of my pregnancy and hopefully my labour and I’m excited rather than scared now………to an extent.


All comments and feedback are appreciated

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