Prepping for a baby

After the 20 week scan we felt that maybe, just maybe, we should start getting some baby items. But where do you start. Andrew’s Mum Yvonne had already bought a wee blue teddy. But as yet I hadn’t put my hand in my pocket for a single thing. I had no idea there was so much stuff to get. I had no clue as to what I needed or what was just a simple luxury.
We had decided on the colours of the baby room already and so the first purchase I ever made was something to work the colour scheme around. A set of Rainbow book ends.


But in all seriousness. It’s not really a committed purchase. So I had to do some research. Get down to business if you like, and get prepared for baby coming. Now I know baby isn’t here yet but here are my thoughts on what I’ve bought that are necessities, and a wee list that I think are pure hope and luxury.

Natty Necessities:
Blankets – Yes apparently theses are required, and you need a few, so far though I’ve only bought two so that’s something I need to get a handle on.

Vests – Right ok, I’m willing to admit I was majorly stumped by this one. I thought that baby grows were the same thing as baby vests, apart from them obviously not having arms and legs. I’ve never been around babies, I’m and only child, and because I was told I would never have kids I avoided little babies as much as possible. So forgive my faux pa. I really didn’t know that vests went under baby grows, and using my own common sense I thought that maybe that would be uncomfortable for baby, so up until yesterday I had only bought 3 vests.

Baby Bath – Yes you can bath babies in the sink or the big bath (with a handy contraption) but I really want to handle bath time with care. I don’t want a slippery baby at the height of my sink, I would be terrified of dropping them. I also don’t want to run a massive bath for just a few inches of water. Control is the key, so a baby bath is a must for me. It’s also came in handy to fill it with all baby’s things before he’s here.

Steriliser – I haven’t got one yet, I couldn’t decide what to buy for ages, my microwave was too small, eventually when I decided on a Tommee Tippee microwave steriliser and decided to purchase it from the Argos baby event for £13.00, they sold out. Typical.

Bottles – Oh dear, this one is so difficult, there are millions to decide on, and everyone’s opinion is of the ones they tried, do you go for anti colic, or one that’s close to a breast shape. It really is a tough decision. I eventually went with Tommee Tippee, because Costco were doing 6 closer to nature bottles for £10. Also because they would be easy to pick up in your local supermarket at 2am if you needed any replacements.

Nursery Furniture – Most people need a cot, apart from my friend Ruth who is adamant her baby is going in a drawer. We got a cot bed from Mamas and Papas. What people don’t need is a baby wardrobe but when everything matches and its part of a set how can you not. The changing unit was debatable, some people say they’re useless and other people swear by them. After some careful consideration and lengthy discussions with Mummies, I decided we would benefit from one. So that was it, settled. We got the Oak Rialto range from Mamas and Papas.

Nappies – and lots of them. I was told to buy Nappies every time I went to the supermarket. I’ve bought 2 boxes of 80 so far so I’m doing not bad. I’m pretty sure though that those 190 will only last just over 2 weeks though, so I really should buy some every week.

Pure hope and luxury:
Breast Pump – I was originally going to just get a manual breast pump, they don’t make much noise and are cheap, however after considerable research I concluded an electric breast pump is most probably the answer. That is if I can breast feed to begin with. I got the Medela Swing breast pump, it’s got great reviews, has a let down feature and runs with battery and mains power.

Moses Basket – This will be good for baby to chillax in during the daytime whilst I’m getting 10 minutes to myself to maybe put a washing on. It will also be good for him to sleep next to our bed for the first wee while before he has to go next door to the big cot. They look lovely too, and proper babies fit in them, so cute.

Baby carrier – I love seeing babies in baby carriers, since early in pregnancy I’ve been saying to Andrew that there is nothing hotter than seeing a man with a baby carrier. We got one, and lets just keep our fingers crossed that the big yin will adopt that kangaroo dad look.

Thanks to all the generous people that helped us out with the majority of these items. Xx


All comments and feedback are appreciated

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