Nada on the movement front

From time to time during pregnancy you will have ups and downs, peaks and troughs on the movement train. Do not ever let it get you stressed or worked up. Instead call your midwife or triage at the hospital. It’s important to make sure that all is ok. Listen to your instincts and keep track of baby’s movements. Don’t let anyone tell you not to worry or that you’re over reacting. This is a website for the charity Count The Kicks which helps to give confidence to Mums in the UK about tracking baby’s movement and hopefully lower the rate of still births and neonatal deaths in the UK.

So since I first felt those tiny little flutterings in my stomach I had a week of not feeling anything, my goodness does the worry set in. By 25 weeks I had been feeling quite a considerable amount of movement from my little womb squatter so when all went quiet i just couldn’t ignore it. I was worried and starting to stress that he had been quiet for a couple of days. I called the hospital and they asked me to head over. My girl Lee went with me for a bit of support.

Luckily all was ok, the midwife used a Handheld Doppler and I heard his little heartbeat. Panic averted. All was good.


All comments and feedback are appreciated

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