Myriads of Midwife appointments

The wait of pregnancy seems to be filled to the brim with midwife appointments. From your very first appointment when they don’t even do a pregnancy test to possibly 41 weeks where they’re booking you in for an induction. At the first appointment when you tell your midwife or doctor you’re first pregnant, they asked […]

Prepping for a baby

After the 20 week scan we felt that maybe, just maybe, we should start getting some baby items. But where do you start. Andrew’s Mum Yvonne had already bought a wee blue teddy. But as yet I hadn’t put my hand in my pocket for a single thing. I had no idea there was so […]

Sketchy family history and unusual questions……

Now by this point I’ve told my Mum, my work (due to the fact I’m a firefighter and can no longer go to fires), and my best friends. I also had to phone the GP surgery and ask to see the local midwife. I would be going on my own to see the midwife, I […]

Books glorious books

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m what some would call a book bug. I love reading, whether its fiction, fact, general knowledge or reference. So by the time I had my first midwife appointment I’d already purchased and read a number of books, some bought on the recommendation from others and a few just […]

Jittery 6 week scan nerves

After I had the nausea under control with the Sea Bands , I felt more like myself. I did however have that niggle of worry in the back of my mind all the time, the worry that my pregnancy wasn’t developing normally as commented on when I had the first scan. Exactly 2 weeks after […]