Myriads of Midwife appointments

The wait of pregnancy seems to be filled to the brim with midwife appointments. From your very first appointment when they don’t even do a pregnancy test to possibly 41 weeks where they’re booking you in for an induction. At the first appointment when you tell your midwife or doctor you’re first pregnant, they asked […]

20 weeks scan, classes, courses and more……?

Pregnancy is fun! Pardon me for mentioning pregnancy is fun, I didn’t mean it quite like that. It’s fun the same way an outdoor bootcamp session is fun on blistering winter morning. There are moments you love, and moments you hate but hopefully at the end your going to have this amazing outcome, a feeling […]

16 week scan arrives

On the 12th of December 2012 at 12 o’clock we had our 16 week scan booked in. This scan according to the experts would put me on an even par with any other pregnancy. This was D day. The usual nightmarish dreams preceded the morning of the scan, these dreams I now accepted as part […]

Pregnancy glow……. My a*%

Some people are kind and lie to your face, aw look at you, you’re glowing. Unless you count the big red bleesha beacon on my chin as an attractive feature then no, I’m not glowing. Spots apparently are a part of being pregnant. But like everything, only some people are hindered by this ever so […]