20 weeks scan, classes, courses and more……?

Pregnancy is fun! Pardon me for mentioning pregnancy is fun, I didn’t mean it quite like that. It’s fun the same way an outdoor bootcamp session is fun on blistering winter morning. There are moments you love, and moments you hate but hopefully at the end your going to have this amazing outcome, a feeling […]

Best bump lotions and potions ever!

With my ever expanding bump, my priorities of a body cream had completely changed. I have the fear! It’s my biggest worry, that I’lI be adorned with stripes by the end of my pregnancy. I know some mummies that say they are proud of their stripes, but I’d rather avoid having stripes to be proud […]

Hogmanay getaway

Between Christmas and New Year Andrew, My Mum, my Step-Dad Johnny and I headed up North. Usually this would have been the time of the year I’d be tightening up my bindings and making the best of the Scottish snow, obviously snowboarding for me, was not on the cards. However the others would get to […]

A very pregnant Christmas

Christmas this year was a busy time. Lots of things going on, dinner dates, pantos and rendezvous with family members. It was all made a little more busier a couple of days before, as luck would have it, when a van ran into the back of my car as i was about to pull out […]

The good, the bad and the festive

Christmas is by far my favourite time of year, I love December, I love the buzz in the air, the feeling of anticipation people have, The shops, the thought that someone loves you enough to keep you a wee surprise for Christmas morning. I usually love checking the mountain forecast on the Scottish ski resorts […]