Nada on the movement front

From time to time during pregnancy you will have ups and downs, peaks and troughs on the movement train. Do not ever let it get you stressed or worked up. Instead call your midwife or triage at the hospital. It’s important to make sure that all is ok. Listen to your instincts and keep track […]

Myriads of Midwife appointments

The wait of pregnancy seems to be filled to the brim with midwife appointments. From your very first appointment when they don’t even do a pregnancy test to possibly 41 weeks where they’re booking you in for an induction. At the first appointment when you tell your midwife or doctor you’re first pregnant, they asked […]

Prepping for a baby

After the 20 week scan we felt that maybe, just maybe, we should start getting some baby items. But where do you start. Andrew’s Mum Yvonne had already bought a wee blue teddy. But as yet I hadn’t put my hand in my pocket for a single thing. I had no idea there was so […]

Lazy Daisy Active Birthing Classes

I was quite frightened and excited all at the same time to go to my first lazy daisy class on the Thursday night, after my 20 week scan. I was glad Ruth was going though, it gave me the tiny thread of support that I needed. However, I far from needed any support, I couldn’t […]