Daddy turns 30…… And more drama

The weekend after we told everyone we were expecting I had a surprise birthday party planned for Andrew. I’d been planning it for months, long before I knew I was pregnant, long before we went on holiday to Greece in the summer. Like a squirrel plans and stores for hibernation I had secretly stocked up […]

The amazing 12 week scan

The nightmares, sleepless nights and anxious drifting thoughts could only mean one thing, the 12 week scan was coming up. On Thursday the 15th November 2012 we would be heading over to Monklands hospital to their scan unit for a wee check of our little baby. If all had been ok at the beginning of […]

Secrets and streetfighters

So few knew I was pregnant and my 12 week scan was looming. There was the matter of a few nights coming up. One night in particular being my favourite night of the year. Halloween. Usually at Halloween I would get dressed up and go out with my best girl, Lee. That’s what we had […]

Best pregnant Birthday ever

After a tumultuous couple of weeks it was finally my birthday weekend. My birthday was on a Sunday, which by my standards is great since you kind of get to celebrate the whole week. Your Birthday week as I like to call it. Milk it dry I say, last biscuit in the tin, wait a […]

Telling those we love

Nothing can be more exciting and more daunting than telling the people that matter “Hey! Yeah we are pregnant”. It’s interested because even as two adults, its still telling the world what you’re up to, unless of course it was immaculate conception but I highly much doubt that. My Mum found out pretty much right […]